New Furniture Slipcovers Will Dress Your Furntiure In Style

As people we all like to look our best. Each of us has our own idea of what that might be. Some of us like the formal tailored look, some of us like the tight, stretched second-skin look, while others like the loose casual look. These same clothing styles are available for your furniture. Today’s furniture slipcovers will dress your furniture in what ever style you like.A slipcover is a fitted protective cover for furniture. Today furniture slipcovers are made of quality fabrics in a variety of styles and colors. The look is new and modern just like the modern young professionals. This has not always been the case. The first furniture slipcovers were hand crafted by furniture tailors who measured, cut, and sewed slipcovers to fit each piece of furniture individually. This was very expensive and only available to the more affluent families. With the growth of the middle class, more options became available. One of these options was clear vinyl or plastic. During the hot summer months before our homes were air conditioned, ladies covered their furniture with these clear vinyl slipcovers. These plastic covers would protect furniture from the sweaty bodies and the dirt and grime that came in through the open windows. They were also hot and uncomfortable to sit on but the furniture was kept clean.Fast forward to the present. Our modern furniture slipcovers are all about style, comfort, and convenience. Most of them are budget friendly. It is true that you can still pay a furniture tailor to make custom furniture slipcovers from exclusive luxury fabrics but the expense isn’t necessary. Furniture slipcovers can now be purchased for a reasonable price. They are available in the loose casual style made from a wide array of fabrics and colors. If you prefer a more fitted look, there are slipcovers with fitted arms and separate seat cushions. If you want the more upholstered look, you might choose the new memory stretch fabrics that cling like second skin and conform to the shape of the existing furniture. You can buy a slipcover made from strong durable denim or from soft luxurious Italian-made matelass√©. If you are concerned about the environment, there are the eco-linen fabrics. These fabrics are a combination of all natural cotton and linen. They are dyed following the Global Organic Textile Standards. Not only are they environmentally friendly but they are all made in the USA. No matter which style you choose the possibilities are endless.Buying new furniture or even reupholstering old furniture is just not a possibility in our present economy when so many are trying to stretch their budgets. Furniture slipcovers have many benefits that address these challenges. The first benefit is the most obvious, with busy lives, kids, and pets we don’t have the time to spend cleaning. Slipcovers will protect you furniture from the dirt and grime that comes with everyday life and most are machine washable. Next, slipcovers will give a fresh new look to worn, dirty, or damaged furniture. All your friends will think that you just bought new furniture. Finally, have you seen in the decorating magazines how styles and fabrics change with the season. The affordable price of modern slipcovers can make these changes a reality. You can change your furniture slipcovers to fit the season or the occasion. You can move from the casual look to a formal tailored look depending on the situation.As you can see furniture slipcovers have evolved dramatically over the past century. No longer do they cost as much as new furniture. It not necessary to sit on cold hard clear plastic slipcovers any more. You can now dress your furniture in style. What ever your style, there is a furniture slipcover for you.

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